Just Say It!!!

Good Morning FB Fam… Raise your hand , if you’ve ever been afraid to say, ” I am saved”? Oh you remember very early in your walk and you were with your old friends…..someone may have asked,  Are you saved, or  they said: what’s this I hear about you getting saved last Sunday and bam before you know it: you’ve answered and said no.You remember that feeling that you felt, like ahhh man I messed up. Well here’s an opportunity to practice your answer. Just say it….. I am saved. You can boldly proclaim, ” I am saved”.    Christians are not afraid, nor should they be to say…. yep I’m rolling with Jesus, all day everyday! After all, He did die on the cross for our sins. He was beaten, He was spit on, he was chastised, ( none of my friends have ever done that for me) all for our sakes. If we are proud to say that we are with our friends, and even more proud to name drop about who we are friends with then we should be extremely proud to say I am a friend of God, we should feel comfortable shouting from the roof-tops I have been redeemed, I have been brought with a price. So when given the opportunity to say it…… just say it!!!!! Ps 107:2 Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy~ Let your light shine!!

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